Aftermath of 2023 elections, entertainers say ‘battle’ not over yet

by David Adebayo
6 minutes read

As the dust raised by the 2023 elections gradually settle, some Nigerian celebrities who participated actively in the electioneering campaigns for their principals at different levels have begun to realign and map out new strategies that would enhance their public engagements as they move forward.

While some of them have openly declared through their social media platforms that the hitherto cordial relationships and friendships that existed among them may have suffered a setback, others didn’t state if things will not return to what they used to be.

It will be recalled that different camps had emerged in Lagos which is regarded as the hub of entertainment in Nigeria and other parts of the country prior to the Presidential election as entertainers formed alliances while others threw their weight behind candidates of their choice.

As soon as candidates for different elective offices emerged and it became obvious that some of the popular names in the music and movie circles would not be working for the same candidate for reasons best known to them, the fireworks began on social media platforms with each of them making efforts to sell their candidates to their teeming fans and followers.

In the months leading up to the election, many entertainers fought dirty among themselves and their fans over the candidates they are supporting as some of them believed the contest is a test of their celebrity status and influence on their fans and followers on social media platforms.

Now that the elections are over and a winner has emerged, information gathered by Persecondnews revealed that some celebrities who fought themselves on social media platforms while trying to sell their candidates have vowed to maintain the battle line.

Speaking about the election and his experience, rapper, Vector said losing or winning an election should not ignite needless fireworks that would further destroy relationships, adding that while people should draw lessons from the election, it is not enough to create enmity among them.

“We should not allow politicians to keep us divided to win their selfish game.”

Charly Boy in his reaction said on Friday that there can’t be true healing if there is injustice and people are not happy.

“We are coming with a big protest. I am not fighting anyone but we are going to make our voices heard. The government and INEC are our common enemies not those who didn’t support your candidate or otherwise.”

For Paul Okoye of the Psquare brothers, nothing changes as far as he is concerned as he disclosed that lessons have been learnt and that he would keep his distance from certain people whose real identity have been revealed to him.

Paul, reacting to the post-election engagement and friendship with some of his colleagues who didn’t support his principal, Peter Obi, said he now knows who to talk to and who to invite to dinners.

“I think this election has revealed the true identities of some hitherto friends and I can tell you that I now know who I would invite to dinners and who to treat as enemies.

“I will never trust some of you again. My long spoon will always be available. Some of you are not humans. Hoodlums and thugs who attacked innocent EndSARS protesters are the ones in charge of the electoral process,” he added.

Popular singer Simi, in a series of tweets on, said: “The power of choice is the power to decide, and when you decide wrongly, it’s the power to change your mind. When you decide rightly, it’s the power to win. It’s one of the worst things to steal from a person.

“Even God, the All-knowing, understands the power of choice, the necessity of it and gave us free-will. People need the power to choose their path unhindered even if it’s a bad choice. You take that away, and you have a shell of a man, a woman. You have almost nothing.”

Also speaking about his election experience and how he hopes to handle his relationships moving forward, veteran rapper, Ruggedman said it might be necessary for one to just leave the country and take some rest to cool off.

“The tension needs to be doused before I will make any further comment on the election and some of the things I saw that shocked me. Some relationships have been broken for life while a fresh one may have birthed. I will tell you more when I return from UK.’’

It was also gathered that some celebrities are not taking anything to heart as regards the election as some of them who spoke didn’t see any reason why a battle line should be drawn with anyone in the name of election.

For singer Harrysong, he didn’t expect anything special from the election but he wished that Nigeria got it right. The ‘Under D Duvet’ crooner added that election should not be a do-or-die affair or what should breed hatred in the hearts of people.

“If you feel cheated, the court is there for people to seek redress. I don’t think I have anything against anyone because of the election or the way it played out but that doesn’t mean we are pleased with some of the irregularities that marred the exercise”, he said.

Popular comedian, Gbenga Adeyinka, in his reaction, said those who are believed to be severing ties with their colleagues or friends over the outcome of the election are entitled to their opinion.

“But I have no such feeling against any of my friends and I don’t think any of them would treat me otherwise because of my choice of candidate.”

He announced that now that the election is over he will be taking his show, tagged “Unity Tour’’ across the Southwest states, starting with Ibadan as the show will parade characters from different political parties across Nigeria to show the beauty of unity and diversity.

Funke Akindele moves on
The Deputy Governorship candidate of the PDP in Lagos State, Funke Akindele, said she has moved on from the defeat her party suffered at the last election, promsing she will continue prioritise the good of the people and the integrity of my position as an advocate for the people.

Akindele, who has deleted all politics-related contents on her Instagram page, noted that a lot of lessons have been learnt, adding “I sincerely do not regret taking this huge step of running for office”.

Iyabo Ojo travels abroad, says she now knows her enemies
For actress and social media influencer, Iyabo Ojo, a new phase of Nigerian politics has unfolded and revealed those who are true friends and enemies. The mother of two who left the shores of Nigeria days back stated that there would be more to talk about when she returns to Nigeria.

“Right now, I need to go and cool off as I visit my son abroad. When I return, there will be more to talk about and address with time.”

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