Media is evolving with time, in the 21st century Media is being revolutionized.

Per Second News believes that access to information is essential to the health of democracy, it will ensure that citizens make responsible, informed choices rather than acting out of ignorance or misinformation.

Our Team

Akinsola Olakunle Ayodele- Managing Editor

Stella Igwe- Adesoga- Deputy Editor

Opeyemi Abegunde –  Special Project Editor

Amos Dunia- Editor at-Large

Temitayo Abdelaziz- Managing Editor Sports

Tolani Soneye- Bureau Chief London

Victoria Ayuwei– Senior Political Correspondent

Stephen Onyeukwu- Correspondent, South West Nigeria

Debby Omo- Correspondent, South West Nigeria

Amos Tauna– North Correspondent

Edwina Ajuma Ogiri- Ogbu– Senior Reporter/Special Projects

Lanre Oginni- Reporter

Richard Alabi-  Web Manager 

Funlola Soneye- Odebode- Advert Manager


Cynthia Aloba- Production Editor/Presenter


Olufemi Soneye-  CEO

Dr. Olu Cole- Director Operations

Samantha Fox- Director, Content and Publication 

Nkechi Soneye- Director

Legal Advisers

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