by Per Second News

Can I get my work published on Per Second News?

Yes, we do have a number of writers and columnists that cross-post on Per Second News.

If I Send You An Email Will It Be Published?:

Yes, if our editorial team finds it news worthy.

Can I Use Your Material or publish any of your reports?

Yes, but proper credit must be given to Per Second News.

Can I Advertise on Per Second News?

Yes, you can.

How Can I Contact You?

Email us at info@persecondnews.com

Do you do any other consulting work?

Yes, We’ve done so many consultancy projects both in Nigeria and abroad.


About Us

PSN online prides itself in its ability to generate and publish quality content that attracts a broad user base. Our editorial team situated across the continent, works day and night to update our sites, with a special focus on breaking news flashes.

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