I neither dated nor met with Empress Njama’s ex-fiancé — Ini Edo

by David Adebayo
3 minutes read

Star actress, Iniobong Edo, has debunked the rumor making the rounds that she had a romantic relationship with embattled ex-lover of Empress Njama, Nicholas Davis.

News has been flying around that Ini Edo also had an affair with Davis who was apprehended by the police in Liberia on Monday for allegedly posting nude pictures of Njama on social media platforms.


Ini Edo was dragged into the conversation Monday evening after his Whatsapp conversation with Davis who also goes by the name, George Wade.

Instagram was awash with chats and video recordings of Ini Edo and Davis with speculations rife that she could have had a hand in Njama’s troubles.
The speculations claimed that the video call clip and passport picture were found in Davis’ phone after his arrest with many insinuating that the actress allegedly had a relationship with the suspect.

However, Ini Edo, who is currently in Texas, USA, exonerated herself from the alleged involvement with Davis in an Instagram live session monitored by Per Seconds News on her verified Instagram page on Wednesday afternoon.

Debunking the allegations, Ini said people, who released the alleged evidence, picked on her because she barely responded to rumours about her.

The actress, who co-produced ‘Shanty Town’, said he introduced himself as a filmmaker, which ensued in their conversation after claiming the colleague she knew gave him her number.

Along the line, the Shanty Town lead said the conversation began personally and that Davis wanted to be in a relationship with her, which made her suspicious.

She said:“Someone texts me with a foreign number. It was around August to November 2022. He said he is a filmmaker and that he wants to make a film with me. I asked how he got my number and mentioned a colleague’s name.

“He starts to chat me up about the film he wants to make. I literally had the entire chat the time this man was chatting with me.

“He drifts and starts to go personal, saying he wants to have a relationship with me, which I said didn’t add up. I’ve never seen this guy face to face. ”

Ms Edo, who started her film career in the year 2000, further revealed that Davis had requested that she send her passport and ticket, but she declined. She said she eventually blocked him. She didn’t have it anymore with where the conversation was going.

She stated that she did not know Davis, saying that the alleged blackmailer had called her on video call once, and she picked up, hence the screenshot of the video call he allegedly had in his possession.

“He suggested we see him at my friend’s wedding in London, but I declined because I knew I had to go to South Africa for a paid gig I was committed to. He asks me to send him my passport and ticket.

“I declined. All these conversations, I forwarded to the guy in question. When the conversation wasn’t going well, I eventually blocked him.

“The one time he called me on video call was when I was going to Akwa Ibom. Do you know when you just pick a random call because? I never saved his number. I later hung up and told him to call me on voice call. Then this guy saves the video. Why didn’t they release the audio of the video?”

The actress, who has appeared in over 100 movies, further noted that people had dragged her into their web of lies because she always kept quiet about it.

She emphasised that all the allegations about her involvement with Davies are tissues of lies.





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