Indian PM Modi says it would take Indian Army 10 days to ‘make Pakistan bite dust’


Indian PM Narendra Modi said that the Indian military could take down neighboring Pakistan within a week – 10 days at the most. Both regional rivals are nuclear-armed powers.
The prime minister said he believes Pakistan would not stand a chance if a military confrontation broke out between the two.
The two regional archrivals have fought three major wars and have been involved in numerous smaller skirmishes, most of them over the disputed Kashmir region, since both gained independence from Britain.

Speaking at the National Cadet Corps Rally in Delhi on Tuesday, Modi lamented the “inaction” of his predecessors who were reluctant to use military force against Pakistan.

He said that even when India’s top brass “asked for action,” the political leadership “would not go ahead,” but instead conducted what he called “a proxy war” with Pakistan as a law and order issue, rather than one requiring a military solution.



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