What we know about Aisha Abba Kyari’s appointment at NSIA

by Per Second News
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New details emerged Sunday that there is no political interference in the appointment of Aisha Abba Kyari, daughter of President Muhammadu Buhari’s Chief of Staff, on her recent appointment as an Assistant Vice President at the Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA).


Two board members with knowledge of the appointment process told Per Second News that her recruitment did not violate or contravene the set recruitment process at the NSIA, which clearly has a robust and stringent recruitment policy that has enabled it to attract and continue to retain world class talents.


The duo in separate interview with this newspaper rejected criticisms of cronyism levelled at the Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA), saying Aisha Abba Kyari was appointed based on her qualification.

She Passed “Stringent Recruitment” Process, the duo echoed, revealing that the process started in 2018 at the NSIA, known for a merit-based system that rewards high performers.

A civil rights organization, Coalition Against Corruption and Bad Governance (CACOBAG) had alleged that Abba Kyari’s appointment violated set procedure at the NSIA, adding that her position was not advertised and that she did not meet the criteria for appointment.

Titilope Olubiyi, Head, Corporate Communications at NSIA also faulted quotes attributed to NSIA directors in a media report saying they “are also entirely false.”

“The clear mischief in the report can be seen in the very false and unsubstantiated statements it contains: The report claims that Assistant Vice President is the ‘highest level in the organisation’. This is not only false, but mischievous given AVP1 is the 9th level out of NSIA’s 22-level grading system.

“The report also claimed that Aisha Abba Kyari was given a car 6 months ahead, when the position does not entitle the staff to a car in the first place. In fact, she will require 2 promotion cycles to qualify for a car entitlement.

The report also claims that the candidate’s package was N32m, which is false.”

He said there was no time when any of the directors of NSIA made such statements and neither was there any document to validate the purported accounts as published.


“There is no correlation between the recruitment process of the candidate, and the approval process of an ED or Board member. These are mutually exclusive and independent events.”

On the allegation that the Board members of NSIA refused to interview Abba Kyari, he also described it as false. “In actual fact, a Board member in the appropriate sub-committee of the Board participated in the process.”

The NSIA says Ms Abba-kyari’s recruitment was based on her academic qualifications, international and local work experiences.

She also went through an interview process that all staff in her level must pass through, before she was found worthy of the appointment, NSIA maintained.


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