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International flights will be open when it is safe to do so, says minister

Hadi Sirika



The Minister of Aviation, Hadi Sirika, said on Monday that International flights will be open when it is safe to do so.


“I hear a lot of arguments and that a lot of countries have opened. The last time I checked, most of the European countries, if not all, there is ban that is on going anyway, so also in the popular UAE and in America.


“But definitely we will open, there is also the Self Continental Committee of West Africa, which we’ve been discussing since it is an economic union, but we will open, we’ll open very soon when everything seems to be okay and safe and like I said is a function of a lot of MDAs,  is not only an aviation function, if it’s us we would have opened like yesterday because when we open it means we will make more money, we will be able to carry on activities, we’ll  pay our salaries and provide the service.


“So the purpose of us heading this is to most respectfully, I must say, it’s to be able to judge and find out what is safe for our citizens, for our country, so please bear with the situation, we feel your pain, we understand it as much as you do.


“We know that some people are cut away from their families and are cut away from their businesses but this is an act of God. This is first my job.


“So, please we are aware of the situation. We are very responsible people. We will open when it is the right time to open and I’m sure it will be sooner than later.”


“And of course we’ve taken it for granted that people understood that is not a function of aviation alone, otherwise, there would not have been a task force.


“So this is a function of a lot of MDAs, function of government but National Air Transport Facilitation Committee has been established which comprises of the following membership:


They will be having a meeting tomorrow to further discuss the protocols as to open the airports.



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