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Derasoft Consulting, The Whistler Announce a Six-Week Digital Skills Immersive Training for youths

…commences on August 10




A six-week online entrepreneurial, creative and problem-solving boot camp, dubbed #CodeCamp for Youths is being organised by Derasoft Consulting in partnership with the Whistler.

The first in the series will commence on Monday, August 10, 2020.

According to a statement by the organizers, #CodeCamp focuses not only coding, but on equipping young people with the belief, ability and essential leadership skills to be able to lead the pack in the emerging fast growing digital economy.

It noted that the Coronavirus lockdown had made it imperative for a  shift towards digitally-focused careers and acquire the technology to deploy in their work, businesses and daily living.


The statement said imparting digital skills is much more than teaching specific coding languages, adding that logical thinking and meta-skills such as mind-mapping and goal-setting developed in the course of the digital education would be taught to prepare young people to take their place in the society as knowledgeable individuals instead of being passive consumers.





“Building young people’s digital skills is not just a nice-to-have; it is a need-to-have.


“There is still a lot of uncertainties out there, but one thing is sure: digital skills are critical to help inspire and train the next generation of leaders as well as to equip young people of today with the tools for a more tech-forward future.


“We passionately believe in the value of keeping our young people coding for today and for the future,” the statement said.


The CodeCamp will cover the following lessons: Fundamentals of IT Leadership (Working in a team, goal setting and empathy), Full Stack Web development (Server setup, HTML and CSS, PHP,AJAX, Bootstrap and MySQl.

The organizers said only 25 people are eligible to register and participate on payment of N25, 000.

Interested participants are to make payment in favour of Derasoft Nigeria Ltd into Zenith Bank Account 1017405846.


Written by Per Second News


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