Report: North Korea ‘executed four officials’ after failed US summit

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been accused of ordering the execution by firing squad of four foreign ministry officials after the failure of his Hanoi summit with U.S President Donald Trump, a new report in Asia has claimed.

The officials were reportedly executed after the February talks between both countries.

Pyongyang had accused the four officials of selling information to Washington before the Hanoi summit, according to a Japanese news agency.

The executions, which included a diplomat from North Korea’s embassy in Hanoi, have not been verified.

Asia Press claimed its reporter spoke to a trade official who was told the rumour about the executions.

It is claimed that the executions were watched by members of the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea and Korean People’s Army.

The Hanoi summit had the aim of achieving denuclearisation on the Korean Peninusla and North Korea was hoping to have its sanctions lifted.

When the talks failed, Washington insisted that dialogue with North Korea would continue and that the collapse was not a major disappointment.


Written by Per Second News

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