Tragedy as wall collapses, kills 8-year-old boy in Lagos.

Saliu Bulus

Thursday, December 20 2018, will remain a dark day for the Bulus family of 7th Avenue ‘C’ close, Festac Town in Lagos as a brick wall fell killing their son, Saliu Bulus.

Per Second News gathered that 8-year-old Bulus was playing with other children in the compound when the house wall caved in on them.

The incident took place around 2pm with residents reaching the scene to help the children trapped under the rubble.

Rubble from the wall

Residents say the wall collapsed as it was fragile to begin with.

The injured children have been moved to the hospital and their condition is said to be stable and not life threatening at this time.

Salius Bulus died at the spot.

Rubble from the felled wall

Bulus’s heartbroken mother was in her room when the incident occurred, according to a resident. She raced to the scene in a doomed bid to save her son.

He was pronounced dead at the spot after frantic efforts by residents to save him.


8 Year-Old Saliu Bulus


Written by Per Second News

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