U.S Christian group laments shocking, ruthless killings in Nigeria

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Press Release

The prayer of Psalm 68:1-2 is befitting for the perpetrators of the listed shocking and ruthless killings: Let God arise, Let His enemies be scattered; Let those also who hate Him flee before Him. As smoke is driven away, so drive them away; As wax melts before the fire, so let the wicked perish at the presence of God.

The politics of cow has become a very divisive issue that is threatening the unity of Nigeria.  This politics of cow has led to the erosion of peace and trust. Rancor and bitterness with religious manipulation has been used for exploitation and evil gains.

  • NIMBO MASSACRE, ENUGU STATE: “We killed because they stole our cow” – Miyetti Allah
  • BENUE STATE (several): “We killed because of anti-grazing law”- Miyetti Allah
  • TARABA STATE: “We killed because they blocked our grazing routes” – Miyetti Allah
  • ADAMAWA STATE: – “We killed because they broke our cow’s leg” – Miyetti Allah.
  • ZAMFARA STATE: – “We killed because the farmers said we were grazing on their farm lands” – Miyetti Allah.
  • NOW PLATEAU MASSACRE: “We killed because they rustled our cows” – Miyetti Allah

3 years down the line, no arrests, no prosecution, no convictions. Instead, 5 Christians were arrested in Adamawa and sentenced to DEATH by hanging for allegedly killing one Fulani herdsman.

These wicked acts and senseless killings continued shamelessly without remorse and no assurance from the government that culprits will be brought to justice. Newspaper reports of planned, horrific massacre of terrifying proportions to the degree that grisly and blood chilling were used in some assessments of the Plateau State carnage.

President Donald Trump warned President Muhammadu Buhari when he recently visited the White House in Washington DC that the United States of America would no longer tolerate a situation where Christians are being killed with impunity. CANAN condemns in strong terms the further escalation of this atrocity.

How can the wailings, sorrow and the accompanied anguish dissipate? What brighter future can be given or promised to the poor, hopeless and worried displaced residents.
It is very disturbing and very hard to understand that the Federal Government of Nigeria has “allegedly directed the Nigerian Army and Police to recruit some former members of Boko Haram terrorists who recently underwent deradicalization program.”  If it is true, CANAN condemns such a policy in strong terms and ask the Federal Government, especially security agencies, to withdraw the directive which is capable of compromising the nation’s security system.

Former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, on Twitter wrote: “The jihadists who killed the RCCG Evangelist for preaching in Abuja were set free. The ones who killed Bridget, the Deeper Life Pastor’s wife in Kano were set free.

“No Fulani terrorist has been reprimanded or jailed for killing more than 5,300 Christians in 2018 alone. Meanwhile, 5 Christians of the Numan tribe have been sentenced to death by a Fulani Judge in Adamawa for defending themselves against a Fulani terrorist. Do non-Fulani lives not matter as well? Is Nigeria now an apartheid state where the Fulani are above the law?”

CANAN support The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), in her call for the intervention of the United Nations, the Commonwealth of Nations and the African Union. We shared CAN’s grief and concerns regarding the killings and wounding of scores of people “without any form of resistance by soldiers deployed to contain the security challenge. How could daredevil criminals assault communities without resistance by security agencies? Are these herdsmen in bed with soldiers, to unleash mayhem on these peaceful communities?”

Calling for a review of the nation’s security machinery, CAN asked: “What relevance is the intelligence gathering by the Department of State Services (DSS) and other security agencies? If communities can be attacked and hundreds slaughtered without security organizations providing rescue efforts, then it becomes obvious that Nigeria’s security system has been compromised.

Dr. Ade Oyesile, PhD., D.Min.
Executive Director (on behalf of CANAN Board)

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