No more widespread disappearance of fertilizer trucks under my watch- Buhari

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President Muhammadu Buhari has applauded the successes of the Presidential Fertilizer Initiative, which according to him has ended the dark days of fertilizer disappearance.

“Unlike in previous Governments where trucks conveying fertiliser would miraculously disappear in transit, in 2017, none of the three thousand, three hundred and thirty three (3,333) trucks that participated in this programme went missing, he said Friday.


“I want to assure all participants of the PFI that, we will continue to provide adequate security so that this program, and its positive impact on Nigeria, is sustained.”

The programme came into effect 15 months ago when Nigeria and entered into agreement during His Majesty, the King of Morocco visit.

The agreement which is Partnership between the Fertiliser Producers and Suppliers of Nigeria, FEPSAN and OCP, a state-owned Moroccan company and a world leader in phosphate and its derivatives, in which OCP supplies discounted phosphate to Nigeria, to help support the domestic blending of NPK Fertiliser started in 2017.

“The rains are upon us. Farmers in the Southern part of the country will be planting soon. We must all do our bit to ensure fertiliser is readily available.

“Therefore, the Ministry of Finance and Nigerian Sovereign Investment Authority should immediately engage the Governors Forum to conclude their orders.

“The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development should conclude the planning for all government programmes for the 2018 season to ensure synergy.

“The CBN working with the commercial banks should ensure affordable capital is available to the farmers and agro dealers.

“The NSA and the security agencies should be ready to allow and  protect the movement of all agricultural goods. Specifically, issues relating to end user certificates must be prioritised.

“The NPA should provide all the necessary support required to expedite the offloading and evacuation of the imported materials.

“And finally, the NSIA and Fertiliser Producers and Suppliers Association of Nigeria under the able leadership of the Governor of Jigawa, must ensure quality and affordable fertiliser is available to farmers at the right time.”

The President reiterated that his administration will do all it takes to make sure the programme continues to grow and impact lives.

“Nigeria’s journey to self-sufficiency and food security is not negotiable,” he added.



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