Mimiko: I have no hands in any anti-Buhari Protest

by Per Second News
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Dr Olusegun Mimiko, the former governor of Ondo State on Sunday said he has no link with any anti-Buhari protest.

“We are aware of an attempt to blackmail Dr Olusegun Mimiko by linking him to an anti-buhari protest, said Eni Akinsola, his media advisor


“The blackmailers are out to bandy figures running into hundreds of millions as funds released for the phantom support,” the statement reads.

“Mimiko is not interested in causes he cannot stand up to be seen as supporting.”

While saying he is of the “firm conviction that the President, by transmitting power to the Vice President, has fulfilled the proper and constitutional requirement,” Mimiko, in the statement, reiterated that he has nothing to do with any anti-Buhari protest.

One group professing to be pro-Buhari had alleged in a press conference that Mimiko and others are funding the anti-Buhari protest.


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