Iyabo Ojo to Sanwo-Olu: You can jail or kill me, I won’t pay outrageous taxes

.... the government has asked her to pay up N7 million as personal income tax

by David Adebayo
1 minutes read

Nigerian actress, Iyabo Ojo, has bemoaned the outrageous taxes imposed on her by the Lagos State Government under the leadership of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

Ojo, who lamented the way-out-of-this world taxes, vowed not to pay any further tax charged by the government, saying the government has asked her to pay up N7 million as personal income tax.


She took to Instagram page to vent her anger, insisting that the government of the state was trying to kill her business and frustrate her with heavy taxes.

The mother of two disclosed further that she had once gone to the office of the Lagos State of Internal Revenue Service (LIRS) to declare what she earns, adding that the government has refused to respond to her letter because they want her to pay outrageous amount that she doesn’t have.

“What have you people ever done for me as a government? Nothing. I have single-handedly raised my kids and others without a dime of support from government but you feel so entitled to reaping 100 per cent from a business you didn’t build.

“I have worked and still working tirelessly to survive in this country without the support of government but you sit in your office and come up with outrageous bills to sniff life out of one’s business.

“You can come and close down my business, arrest me, jail me and kill me for all I care. We will all die one day and I will never be afraid of what will be everyone’s fate. What I don’t have, I can’t give,” Ojo declared.


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