NNPCL, Army, Tantita Security bust crude oil theft by company licensed to lift sludge, vessel destroyed

by Per Second News
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Combined operations by the Nigerian Army, the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Ltd and Tantita Security Services Nigeria Ltd have busted theft of the nation’s crude by a company licensed to lift only sludge.

The efforts of NNPCL and Tantita have started yielding fruits as a vessel used in stealing crude oil has been caught and destroyed.

Persecondnews reports that Mawe Services Limited was given approval by the Nigerian Midstream and Downstream Petroleum Regulatory Authority (NMDPRA) to provide services within the confines of lifting sludge.

“However, on this fateful voyage, intelligence reports received two weeks ago by Tantita Security Services Nigeria Ltd and Mason Engineering indicated that the location was being used for activities outside its approval limits.

“Further intelligence also revealed that a 1000 metric ton capacity barge was coming to berth alongside its jetty loaded with illegal crude oil declared as sludge.

“The Barge was towed by an unknown Tugboat into Mawe Services Limited’s Jetty and left,’’ sources said.

A team of Tantita Security Services operatives have continued to monitor the jetty for suspicious activities.

It was discovered that a sewage truck with plate no. JR7750XA visited the jetty twice.

“During its third visit on 12th May 2023, the truck was accosted by the Tantita security operatives who have been keeping constant vigil over the area.

Click HERE to watch video of the Raid

“Upon inspection, the substance found inside the tank was not sewage, rather, crude oil,’’ the source also said. The driver was, however, arrested and handed over to the government security operatives.

“The driver later revealed the destination of the contents which took us to another yard inland, also operated by Mawe Services Limited.

“Within the Mawe Services Limited’s premises, there were two metallic cylindrical tanks of about 45,000 liters capacity, each.

“Both tanks were inspected and one was found to be filled up with crude oil. The driver of the truck confirmed that he has been transferring the contents of the barge into the tank that was filled,’’ Persecondnews quotes the source as saying.

NNPCL and Tantita Security Services’ inspection of the Yard Security Logbook showed that the truck visited the location several times and the contents of the truck were well spelt out as crude oil.


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