Education company express worry over high rate of Nigerian students seeking education abroad

by Ajuma Edwina Ameh
2 minutes read

Education promoters, Skylandscape Media & Events Limited, have stated that despite the standard that has been set by Nigerian universities, particularly private universities, tens of thousands of Nigerian ‘education-seeking’ students still throng out to foreign universities, in search of quality education, abandoning the home universities that can offer them what they crave.

According to the company, this development sadly calls for a radical deviation from the status quo, especially as Nigeria’s foreign exchange is being repatriated out of the country to foreign countries to add to their wealth, thereby depleting Nigeria’s economic capacity.

In this vain, the company in collaboration with the Committee of Vice Chancellors of Nigerian Universities (CVC), is organizing the first university seminar and fair in Nigeria.

Abom Ephraim Okon, who is spearheading the fair said the event is important because, “it seeks to enlighten parents and potential students on the need to take advantage of higher institutions in Nigeria, especially the public and private universities, by seeking admission into these institutions, instead of travelling overseas for schools that even offer less quality education and good character.”

He said:“As a matter of expediency, this unwholesome practice of migrating to foreign soil to seek education that can ordinarily be acquired on home soil must be put to an end quickly, if Nigeria must survive the economic siege that it is currently grappling with.”

Okon further added that the event is opened to accredited and approved public and private universities, to promote their brands and offerings against the other universities that have been found to be “mere charades of real tertiary institution.”

The Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu, is expected to deliver the keynote address, while other speakers including executive secretaries of the National Universities Commission (NUC), and the Tertiary Education Fund (TETFUND), Professor Abubakar Rasheed and Professor Suleiman Bogoro, are expected to make an appearance at the event.


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