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Hackers Tried To Break Into VP Osinbajo’s Twitter Account

Officials revealed that hackers had been trying to infiltrate the official twitter account of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo as recently as yesterday.

Yesterday, there were failed external attempts to gain unauthorized access to the Vice President’s Twitter Account, said spokesperson Mr. Laolu Akande Saturday morning.

Since, we have been in contact with Twitter, securing the account, and forestalling a reoccurrence. The VP will continue to actively communicate with our citizens, he said.

Hacking knows no national boundaries: China, the former Soviet states and eastern Europe all have produced dangerously effective hackers, said a computer scientist. The US, Germany and Britain do so as well. Some of the better hackers may be persuaded to work for governments.

Hacking is possible because modern computer systems and phones are so complex that there will always be a flaw to be exploited somewhere.

The web offers hackers a bell curve of targets: most are fairly secure, some are very secure, but there’s a long tail of sites running outdated software that can be exploited.

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