Kim Darroch quits as UK ambassador to US

by Per Second News
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Sir Kim Darroch, the British ambassador to the US has resigned over leaked cables in which he branded President Donald Trump’s administration as “dysfunctional,” “inept,” and “incompetent.”

In his statement he revealed that he wanted to “put an end” to the speculation around his future following the furore over the leaking of the damaging secret memos. It prompted Trump to label Darroch a “wacky” and “very stupid guy,” insisting his administration would not be dealing with him anymore.

Responding to the ambassador’s resignation in the House of Commons during PMQs on Wednesday, Prime Minister Theresa May said it was a “matter of regret” that Darroch had quit his post.

Opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn insisted “I too regret the resignation of Sir Kim Darroch” and added that he thinks “the comments made about him are beyond unfair and wrong.”

The Foreign Office has confirmed that an inquiry into the leak has been launched, with British International Trade Secretary Liam Fox insisting that the “full force” of the law should be applied to the person responsible, who as yet remains unidentified.


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