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38 months salary arrears: I’m not corrupt – Kogi Gov, says ‘I have been prudent

As the Governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello, approaches the end of his first term in office, his job approval rating stands at dismal low. Bello’s approval rating is in stark contrast with his ratings when he assumed office.

Nearly three in four Kogi residents have an unfavorable opinion of Bello, perceived as One of Nigeria’s worst Governor by many.

Not surprisingly, Governor Yahaya Bello faces an uphill battle in his bid to secure a second term in office.

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), recently had accused the governor of owing 38 months salary arrears.

The governor in response to the NLC said that he has been prudent with all the monies that accrued to the states.

“When you talk about misappropriation of funds, from all our finances, starting from bailout funds to Paris Club refunds, we so much published all our transactions, to the extent that bank statements were published in the dailies and I want to believe that you also have the facts, the governor said Monday.

According to him, his administration has been transparent and cannot be adjudged to be corrupt.

“The little resources that we are generating as well, we have been able to achieve a lot of infrastructure development for our state, security infrastructure and several others. This is what was not done for the state in the past 20 years of Kogi state’s existence before I came on board. But under three years we were able to achieve all these successes. Probably some might think we were using stones or sand to do all these but this is the prudent management of resources and the good hands that we were able to recruit in my cabinet and in governance in Kogi State. 

“So those that are making such comments, it’s a strategy; it is either that they want me to perform more or they are simply living in oblivion. They don’t know anything that is happening in Kogi state and they cannot participate in Kogi State politics as it stands today because we are doing politics of inclusiveness or exclusiveness, the way it was done in the past.


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