Fayemi wins Ekiti Government House Polling Unit

by Per Second News
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Reports indicate that the APC candidate has won the Government House Polling unit

The PDP is however showing signs of resurgence in Ado and Ikere Ekiti going by edit polls below

 Ire Ward 002….

Unit 019, PDP-56,APC-61
Unit 013,PDP-71,APC-58
Unit 014,PDP-79,APC-56
Unit 016,PDP-43,APC-45
Unit 006,PDP-49,APC-49
Unit 003,PDP-90,APC-43
Unit 017,PDP-143,APC-41
Unit 010,PDP-62,APC-55
Unit 012,PDP-22,APC-20
Unit 018,PDP-49,APC-39
Unit 015,PDP-65,APC-60
Unit 011,PDP-42,APC-28
Unit 09,PDP-47,APC-44

Ire Ward 001…

Unit 001, PDP-93, APC-69
Unit 002, PDP-78, APC-70
Unit 003,PDP-58, APC-63
Unit 005,PDP-64, APC-34
Unit 006, PDP-34,APC-31
Unit 007, PDP-64, APC-37
Unit 008, PDP-72, APC-72
Unit 009, PDP-52, APC-56
Unit 010,PDP-83,APC-100
Unit 011,PDP-104,APC-46
Unit 012,PDP-108,APC-94
Unit 013,PDP-93,APC-76

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