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Buhari urges voters to seize the moment as election nears, get PVC and vote their choice

President Muhammadu Buhari Tuesday advised Nigerians to ensure they get their Permanent Voters Card and vote anybody of their choice devoid of religion or ethnicity.

“Let them vote for anybody they want across ethnicity and religion and impose their decisions on them, Buhari said at the breaking of fast with members of the judiciary led by Justice Okukayode Ariwoola, Justice of the Supreme Court, at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

” I mentioned that when I was in the military and much younger, we believed things were going wrong and so when I came, I  took from the president downwards, to Kirikiri against your advise and told them that they are guilty until they prove themselves innocent.  But we proceeded to have various tribunals to investigate and I can still remember extremely good and fantastic Nigerians, they are few in the society that is why we don’t see the impact of fantastic people we have.

“I decided to put agbada and come back, I tried three times and then fourth time I eventually made it. Thanks to God and thanks to technology because this permanent voters card and card readers are fantastic. Those who went to their polling booths in their constituency and voted, their votes counted.

“I think that is why I am calling on and I am begging the governors to please continue with voters education so that people will take their permanent voters card seriously and make sure that they don’t loose it.

“Before, votes were disregarded and results written and there was nothing you can do before the justices to proof your case. But now with technology it has been made easy. That is why I keep appealing to the governors to embark on voters education, to please tell the people that their voters card is their national card so to speak.

“I am bothering you with this because you are in a position of influence and you come from a constituency that is recognized and what you say will mean a lot to the people at your constituency.”


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    Buhari urges voters to seize the moment as election nears, get PVC and vote their choice | Per Second News

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    Buhari urges voters to seize the moment as election nears, get PVC and vote their choice | Per Second News

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