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What we know about the coordinated US, UK and France Syria strikes

The US, UK and France have launched co-ordinated missile strikes on Syria following a “despicable” chemical weapons attack on the town of Douma.

Here is what we know so far:

– Strikes were launched at 2am Nigerian time at three sites connected with the Syrian regime’s chemical weapons programme.

– The first was at a scientific research centre in greater Damascus involved in the development and production of chemical weapons, the second at a chemical weapons storage facility near Homs, and the third at a chemical equipment storage facility and important command post.

The allies hit three targets — including in the capital of Damascus — all related to Syria’s chemical program with around 100 missiles: a research center, a storage facility, an equipment facility and command post. Damascus residents said they awoke to explosions. The strikes came from coalition cruise-missile-equipped ships and warplanes.

– Every possible diplomatic channel had been explored prior to the strikes, said Theresa May.

– Syrian state TV called the attacks a “blatant violation of international law and shows contempt for international legitimacy”.




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