Complaints over cancellations, delays plague Medview, Air Peace airlines

by Per Second News
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Passengers who book on Air Peace and Medview airlines may feel like they’re facing a gamble before they even get off the ground at airports across the nation, thanks to the airlines spotty track record.

It was the midway point in what turned into a challenging week for the airlines — one that saw several flight cancellations and many more disgruntled customers.

Aviation experts said the carriers has been plagued by more than delays and cancellations in recent times.

In an email to Per Second News Medview Airline offered apology to passengers following flights delays and rescheduling experienced in the week.

“We share your pains for our inability at the material time to fly you to your destinations at the appointed time, said spokesman, Obuke Oyibotha.

The airline attributed the delays to adverse weather conditions and unscheduled aircraft maintenance, which are critical to flight operations.

The airline said the safety of passengers and crew come first before any other considerations, and in such situations, delays and rescheduling become inevitable.

The airline SAID IT regretted the inconveniences caused passengers as result of such delays and rescheduling.


Air Peace on its part attributed the delay and cancellation of some of its flights on Monday and Tuesday as a result of a power surge at the General Aviation Terminal of the Murtala Muhammed Airport (MMA) Lagos, which cut electricity supply to its offices at the facility.

Despite the measures taken by the airline to salvage the situation, the incident caused a lot of delays and outright cancellation of some of its flights, the airline said in a statement.

A passenger said frustrated passengers deplaned a flight and asked to retrieve their checked luggage so they could find other routes to their destinations. But then the bags were delayed also.

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