Buhari’s ADC @45: Wife surprises with birthday cake

Buhari’s ADC @45: Wife surprises with birthday cake

Colonel Mohammed Lawal Abubakar rang in his 45th birthday with perfect celebration, thanks to his loving wife, Hajiya Fatima and adorable daughter Aisha at their residence.


ADC COL ML ABUBAKAR CLOCK 45YRS 3. Aide-De-Camp (ADC) to President Muhammadu Buhari, Colonel Mohammed Lawal Abubakar turns 45 years flanked by his wife, Fatima (3rdR), daughter, Aisha and other relatives with surprise birthday cake.

Col Abubakar after a long day at work with the President was caught off guard when he arrived home to see family members waiting to sing him a happy birthday song.

ADC COL ML Abubakar, his daughter Aisha and wife, Hajiya Fatima at his Residence, Abuja.

The most impressive part of the modest gathering might have been the cake, also courtesy of Hajiya Fatima.


ADC COL ML ABUBAKAR with his daughter, Aisha