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Wale Bob Oseni – The Tragedy of a dream unfulfilled

He wanted to break through stereotypes, He wanted to create Tolerance, He wanted to be successful. He wanted to promote understanding. He wanted to be happy.

By Femi Soneye

I write this with great grief and sadness over the unimaginable loss of Wale Bob Oseni.

l’m grief-stricken and aghast at the news of the death of a friend and alter ego.

This amazing man, inside and out, was a wonderful friend to me.

He wanted to break through stereotypes, He wanted to create Tolerance, He wanted to be successful. He wanted to promote understanding. He wanted to be happy.

That’s how we should remember Wale Bob Oseni.

He had dreams, he had hopes and was full of optimism.

On my birthday he called me to wish me a pleasant day, it was brief but he used the opportunity to inform me about the progress of a dream, a project he’s pursuing and how we need to be vigorous in our pursuit and for me to play my part in the pursuit.

Wale Bob Oseni in Green shorts at my daughter’s graduation party


Wale, didn’t stop there, he followed up with a message on Whatsapp, ‘I will be in the States by Tuesday’.

On Monday, November 1, 2021 he was trapped under the debris in the Ikoyi skyscraper collapse.

It wasn’t just about the business ventures. It was a mission to change the community. And it was a dream tragically cut short.

Also, I always admired how he never judged or forced his opinions on anyone, but offered valuable and truthful advice that I will surely miss.

I remember on several occasion when I will suggest we applied brakes to some of these projects, he’ll say ‘Femi, ma worry ni pa iyen. Je ki’n ma le won. Ma rin irin ye’. ( Femi, don’t worry about that, let me do the leg work, I’ll pursue it).

Wale was loving and real and down to earth. He was with me all through during my dad’s funeral in February, he traveled to the U.S to also attend my daughter’s graduation in June. He was a wonderful father to his children and laid a strong foundation for them.

He came to meet me in Abuja and said Femi, I’m taking my son back to the U.S, so he could continue with his university studies. We discussed plans, and plans and plans.

On August 8, 2021 I had called you to say I just came into Lagos from Abuja and was in company of few friends, Ayo Aminu, Abdul Imoyo, Austin Otule, James Ume,Bayo Oyekoya, and Bayo Adeniyi at the George. I recollect your subtle voice at the other end, ‘Ah Sunday get together ni yen, I’m coming.’ You came, we chatted, laughed, cracked jokes and still found time to discuss the dreams.

Wale Bob Oseni at my dad’s funeral in February

I never knew it was the last time to savour the moment together and that you actually came to say good bye.

Wale was relentless, he believed the dreams are achievable and he gave it his all.

Cold hands of death has snatched away Wale’s hope and dreams.

Although intentions for the future, hopes, and dreams are usually worthwhile freight, at some point most will either become actualized, reach a point of futility, or become an impossibility.

I feel cheated, bitter, sad and angry by this bereavement.

This loss needs to be grieved.

Now my hope is that he rests in peace knowing he did all that he could and that his children, and Deola will be fine. When we love people it’s so comforting to know that they will always be with us in our hearts. Adieu Wale Bob Oseni.

Sun re o

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