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Nigerians should be fair to this administration, says President Buhari

…says collapse of oil market, major set back to his administration

In a self-assessment, President Muhammadu Buhari has Nigerians to be fair to his administration, saying it is not doing badly in terms of insecurity and other areas of governance.

The President noted that the collapse of oil market, the current crisis in the Northeast, militancy and theft of crude oil in the Southsouth region are major setbacks for his administration.

Buhari, who disclosed this in an exclusive interview with NTA on Friday, monitored by Persecondnews, said the available resources to his administration could not be compared to what the previous administrations had.

According to him, previous administrations sold a barrel of crude oil for 100 US dollars.

He said: “Nigerian should be fair to this administration. They should reflect seriously at the time we came in especially relative to the Northeast and Southsouth.

“The resources we have now, how much were we producing now compared to what the previous administration was producing. 2.1m barrel per day average at the Price cost of 100 American dollar.

“When we came in, somehow the militants in the southern region unleashed terror against this administration and production went down to about half a million barrel per day. Again the oil market collapsed and I want Nigerians to reflect on this.”

Speaking on insecurity, the President expressed optimism that he will tackle it before the end of his tenure.

“That’s my hope. As I said, number one thing is security. If you don’t secure the country, people will not invest.

“That was why those who organised the EndSARS, I sent all the Minsters back to their constituencies, constitutionally the ministers represent their state, I said they should go to their state.

“Let them speak to the governors, political leaders, traditional leaders and very importantly, let them speak to the youths,” Buhari said.

On banditry and secession, Buhari vowed to go after bandits, agitators and others who attack government facilities across the country, as well as those who are hellbent on destroying his administration.

He said: “How can you go to a police station, kill the police, loot the armoury, and burn the place. what do you want to achieve? go and open prison and allow criminals that have been tried through the legal system and let them loose on the society.

” How can the Government sit and allow this confusion to be perpetrated. No Government can allow confusion.

“Look at the EndSARS incident in Lagos; the previous governor of Lagos State bought 200 buses to complement the transportation in Lagos and he built a railway but they went there and burnt them.

“We will arrest them. What I hope is to arrest them, try them and then jail them. So that people will know that if you misbehave, you won’t get away with it.”

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