Callous Act: “Military Students” Brutalise 11-Year-Old Boy With Red-Hot Iron Over Alleged Phone Theft

by Per Second News
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By Boye Ajayi


A group of savage criminals who call themselves “military students”, have allegedly tortured and brutalise an 11-year-old houseboy with red-hot iron in Mushin area of Lagos.

The brutality was unleashed on the boy over alleged phone theft, reports Persecondnews.

Members of the Advocates for Children and Vulnerable Persons Network, who were angered about the inhuman act, have urged the Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, and Ministry of Justice to do everything humanly possible to arrest a young lady and her friends for brutalising the houseboy.

The boy, simply identified as Tobi, was alleged tortured with hot iron by her mistress’s daughter, simply identified as Funmi, and her friends, all “military students.”

They pounced on Tobi in an attempt to force him to confess to stealing an android phone that was missing in the house.

When members of ACVPN, led by Comrade Ebenezer Omajalile, angrily stormed Mushin, they discovered that the boy had been “spirited out” of the community to his family members in Ikorodu.

The advocates met Funmi, but she pretended that it was her mother that dealt with Tobi, stressing that the boy was now “hale and healthy.”

Advocates believed that the survivor was moved because his tormentors were trying to conceal the physical abuse.

However, a video and pictures, which had flooded social media, showed the child with peeled skin, writhing in pains.


A concerned Nigerian, who brought the issue to the attention of the ACVPN, said: “This happened on Friday. Funmi is a military student. She carried out the torture with her colleagues.

“She brought her friends home and then tied the boy and used hot iron on him. The boy was accused of stealing an android phone, but he repeatedly denied it.

“He said he didn’t steal any phone, let alone to have even seen it. But they didn’t believe him.

“According to sympathisers, when the number of the phone was dialled, it rang, but it was not with the boy. After hurting the boy, he was then released to his mother.

“The boy was taken to General Hospital Mushin, but quickly discharged on Sunday for reasons yet unknown.”


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