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Marriage to FFK was based on false pretence, estrange wife Precious alleges

He was habitually beating, punching my stomach when I was pregnant

Former wife Precious and children
By Ajuma Edwina Ameh
The estranged wife of the former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode (FFK), Precious Chikwendu, has alleged that their marriage was based on false pretense,
as FFK lied about divorcing his last wife, Regina.
She revealed that she found his marriage certificate in 2016, when the EFCC raided their former home.
Precious disclosed this in response to the allegations leveled against her by her ex-husband FFK.
Recall days ago, Media Consultant to FFK, Honorable Oladimeji Olaiya, released a statement accusing Precious of trying to kill FFK and their four sons, among other things.
“I found his marriage certificate in 2016 during the EFCC raid at our then home. When I confronted him about this, he said that he is about starting Regina’s divorce process and added that he had not seen her in the last ten years. He further explained that he never fancied her and that their relationship was that of a mother and son kind. At the time I left, he was technically married to his former wife,” she stated.
Addressing each allegations made against her in the statement, the mother of four denied being a gold digger, as she was already independent and successful before meeting FFK, whose bank accounts were frozen at that time.
According to her, their relationship started with her “caring and having a deep concern for him while he was under EFCC investigation”, adding that it “later transited into a supposed romantic relationship that became oppressive, obsessive and abuse.”
“Upon graduation, I got a job in a construction company. I bought my first car as an undergraduate and have chains of businesses before meeting FFK. I was also into modelling and had several endorsements as an International beauty queen, in addition to my job; these are verifiable facts. Moreover, I have always been industrious and a provider rather than a collector.
“I am tagged a gold-digger due to misconception, ignorance and some people relying on deliberately planted falsehood. It is unfortunate that when I met Femi in 2014, he already had his bank accounts frozen by the EFCC, and they remain frozen to date.
“My relationship with Femi at the time we met was more of me caring and having a deep concern for him while he was under EFCC prosecution. However, it later transited into a supposed romantic relationship that became oppressive, obsessive and abusive. Femi turned into a control freak that tried to control even the very breath that I took,” the former beauty queen alleged.
Further speaking, the mother of four boys accused FFK of being physically abusive, as he beat her up when she was pregnant with their first son and the triplets.
She also added that he would punch her stomach and get his bodyguards to hold her down whenever she resisted.
“While I was pregnant with the first child and later the triplets, FFK was habitually beating and mostly punching my stomach anytime he was angry and moody, describing my unborn babies as cockroaches or “a thing” that he will knock off my belly.
“In one of these attacks and kicking on my tummy, my late mom and my sister visited, and they threw themselves in between us to stop him from further attacks. In his anger, he hit my mum in the head. After that, FFK ended up accusing my sister of assault and got her detained at a police station for coming in-between his punches and me.
“Whenever I resisted his humiliation and beating, he will deploy his bodyguards to wrestle me down. In most cases, he called CSP Aisha Yusufu, the then Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of Asokoro Police Station, who usually would come with her team to harass, handcuff, arrest or lock me behind the counter for hours until Femi was satisfied that I have been punished enough. My siblings were locked up countless times as well. He would always boast of his connections to the government and the system.
“During one of his domestic abuse with the DPO Aisha and her team from Asokoro police station, FFK instructed that they handcuff and strip me Naked. It was done in the presence of his domestic staff, bodyguards and attached VIP police officers. They injected me with a strange substance, and I lost consciousness. I woke up in a facility, which they later told me is a hospital, not knowing the number of hours or days I stayed there. My triplets were six months old at that time.
“As I say this, I am very afraid for my life. He keeps threatening me at every turn. I have since petitioned the Police but nothing has been done yet but I’m only trusting God,” she narrated.
She however insisted that she never had any extramarital affair as he alleged, adding that FFK “perceived every schoolmate, ex, cousin, or male voice as a potential lover over the phone.”
“I have never had an extramarital affair as dubiously alleged. On the contrary, FFK brought strange women into our matrimonial home at the slightest opportunity,” she stated.
Precious also hinted that she had wanted to leave the marriage a long time ago, but could as he often lectured her on how She will not live to tell the story.
“I wanted to leave the marriage a long-time ago but could not due to the fear factor of FFK. He often lectured me on the crime of passion and how I will not live to tell the story or being looked at by another man. The fear of Femi losing it and hurting my children in retaliation for my leaving did not help matters. Moreover, the death of both my parents within a short space of time made me more vulnerable,” she further revealed

Written by Per Second News


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