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Azman has one of the oldest fleets of planes among Nigeria airlines

Determining an aircraft’s age is made even more complex by the fact that individual aircraft components will age at different rates.

Azman Air Services Ltd known by the name Azman airlines Azman airlines, has one of the oldest fleets of planes among Nigeria airlines, according to Per Second News findings.

The average age of its fleet of planes is 22 years. That means Azman has the oldest fleet compared to other major Nigeria carriers, according to analysis of aircraft filings as well as data obtained by this newspaper.

Azman airline founded in 2010 with hub and base at the Aminu Kano International airport, Kano, has  7 aircrafts.


Azman airlines




1, Registration Number 5N-SYS Boeing 737-500 named Sani Yunusa Sarina is 23.4 years old.

2, Registration Number 5N-YSM Boeing 737-300 named Alhaji Yunusa Sarina is 24 years old.

3, Registration Number 5N-AIS Boeing 737-500 named Alhaji Abdullahi Inusa Sarina is 22.5 years

4,Registration Number 5N-HBY Boeing 737-500 delivered in December,2019 is 22.1 years old.

5, Registration Number 5N-HAI Boeing 737-300 named Hajiya Aisha Yunusa is 23 years old.

6, Registration Number 5N-AAM Airbus A340-600 is 14.6 years old.

7, Registration Number 5N-HFY Boeing 737-500 parked since March 2020


The airline’s Boeing 737 aircraft with registration number 5N-AIS who in 2019 made an emergency landing at the Port Harcourt Airport, after one of its engines reportedly failed has been fixed and returned to normal operations, the airline said Sunday.


Security breach and Airside incursion:; Man attempted to gain forceful entry into Azman Air flight. He was caught climbing the plane


An aircraft’s airworthiness certificate is considered valid if the appropriate maintenance is performed and inspections are made on the aircraft. In theory, an aircraft can be flown forever as long as the owners maintain it well and perform the necessary inspections. The only caveat to this is manufacturer recommended service life for an airframe, which can be extended.

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Aircraft age

Aircraft age is difficult to define. It is often referred to as simply the chronological age of an aircraft, however, this excludes many important factors. In fact, aircraft age is a combination of the chronological age, the number of flight cycles, and the number of flight hours.

Chronological age is particularly relevant for corrosion, as the effects of corrosion increase over time. The effects of wear on components will also increase over time. Flight cycles3 will cause fatigue in aircraft wings, pressurised sections, and other structural components. The number of flight hours also cause fatigue and so is another important measure of an aircraft’s age.


Editor’s Note

Only aircraft that are active with this airline are included in this report, they do not include all outstanding orders as reported by aircraft manufacturers.


Written by Per Second News

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