Mother of 8 “imprisoned” for four years by husband, family for witchcraft

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By Ajuma Edwina Ameh

A mother of eight, identified as Gladys, has been rescued and taken to the hospital after allegedly spending the last four years of her life in a cage, in Orerokpe, Delta state.

Gladys was locked up in a cage in her home for four years by her husband and his family, after being accused of witchcraft.

According to Human rights activist and Founder of Behind Bars Rights Initiative (BBI), Harrison Gwamnishu, she was peeing and defecating in the same room where her husband fed her with only bread.

Where Glady’s was kept

He said that her husband despite accusing her of witchcraft, was still having sex with her in the cage which resulted in her having three of her children in the cubicle.

“We received this few hours ago and we are currently in Orerokpe for her full rehabilitation, and arrest and prosecution of all those involved in this despicable act,” Gwamnishu said.


Glady’s was caged in here

He disclosed that he and his team arrived in Orerokpe on Tuesday morning, (November 17) and have moved Gladys to the General Hospital in Orerokpe for treatment.


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