COVID-19: UK-based Nigerian robbed at Quarantine hotel

by Per Second News
1 minutes read

By Boye Ajayi



A Nigerian, who just arrived from the United Kingdom, has cried out for help after being allegedly robbed at a hotel in Lagos where he was being quarantined for Coronavirus.


The Nigerian man, simply identified as Dominion, had lodged at a hotel in Yaba, on Wednesday September 16, in compliance with the Federal Government’s protocols for international travelers to stay in isolation for two weeks on arrival in the country.

Robbers broke into his isolation room in the mid-night hours and robbed him of his phones and money.

Persecondnews learnt that the bandits  gained access into his room from the window.

The robbers also used information they got from his SIM card to steal some money from his account.

Two days after the incident, the Nigerian was surprised that the hotel management did nothing to recover his stolen property even after agreeing to track the phones.

It was gathered that following a report at Yaba Police Station, only two suspects were arrested for questioning.

They were, however, released after the hotel management’s intervened.


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