Oshiomhole rips apart Obaseki, calls him a ‘snake’

by Per Second News
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The immediate past national chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC),  Adams Oshiomhole, has said the recent move by Gov.Obaseki is a sign of accepting defeat even before the governorship election.


“Destroying your opponent’s campaign posters is a sign of accepting defeat already even before the election, said Oshiomhole on Saturday.


“The defeat of the PDP candidate, Obaseki in Edo State will be authenticated come September 19th. Edo must move forward.”


Gov Obaseki


“The snake that entered our family home, God has driven the snake out to where he belongs, he said further.


“I have come home to join you and start the process of reclaiming the house back to the family of APC.


“ I have only one mission and I know it is our common mission, to bring Edo back to the parts of sustainable development. We shall bring back the era of red roof. We want to bring back roads with drainage,” he said.



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