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Nigeria Gets $32.8m As U.S Provides Coronavirus Aid Across Africa

Ambassador Mary Beth Leonard

The U.S. government is supplying millions of dollars, training and equipment to African countries to help combat the spread of the coronavirus.

U.S. support to Nigeria in the global response to  the novel coronavirus now stands at $32.8 million with more in the pipeline, according to Ambassador Mary Beth Leonard in a local TV program.

Viruses don’t respect borders, she said. There’s need to maintain a global response. U.S. is proud to partner with Nigeria as the world responds to  COVID-19 pandemic. No country does this alone, said Ambassador Leonard.

“Nigeria just called. We’re giving them 250 ventilators,” President Trump said last month. In a tweet, he said Ethiopia also had asked for the machines.

Per Second News gathered in Washington that the United States,  across Africa is giving over $170 million to countries to provide coronavirus assistance.

These efforts will help maximize each nation’s medical response capabilities and capacities.

The U.S. has supplied funding for water sanitation and health supplies to these countries:

  • Sudan, $13 million.
  • South Sudan, $13 million.
  • Somalia, $12 million.
  • Central African Republic, $5 million.

USAID is also collaborating with several countries’ governments to provide training to their health officials. In Ethiopia, USAID sent infectious disease control experts to various parts of the country to help train health workers and medical staff on how to handle coronavirus cases. The health workers learned about proper isolation techniques for infected patients and how to manage triage efficiently should they receive an influx of cases.

“America remains the world’s leading light of humanitarian goodness” amidst the coronavirus pandemic, said Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, “No other country gives so much.”








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