Piers Morgan tears into his friend Donald Trump for coronavirus failures

Trump and Piers Morgan



Following US President Donald Trump’s decision to unfollow Good Morning Britain’s Piers Morgan on Twitter, the UK TV personality has written an open letter to Trump asking him to see sense.

President Trump unfollowed Piers following the publication of an aggressive column directed at the president telling him to ‘Shut the f**k up’.

In his letter, Piers explained that his decision to call out the US president in this way was fuelled by Trump’s press briefing suggesting that Americans inject disinfectant in order to combat the coronavirus.

‘You’ve dug yourself into a horrible hole, Donald, and you’re making it deeper with everything you do and say, said Piers Morgan. However, if you heed my advice, and begin to guide the country through its darkest hour with a more serious, consistent, determined and empathetic style, then I believe there is still a chance the American people will forgive you and reward you with re-election later this year.’

‘You don’t have to re-follow me Donald, but for old time’s sake, I would urge you to listen to me. Yours respectfully, Piers.’

Piers Morgan in an interview in 2017  defended his friendship with President Donald Trump, despite criticising his “unacceptable” actions.

The presenter said he saw no reason to reject the bond the pair have built over a decade, even though he strongly disagreed with the president’s move sometimes.

Speaking on ITV’s Loose Women, he said: “The principle of what he is doing is understandable; the way he has gone about it, in my view, is unacceptable. But let’s not just say that every time he speaks he’s a monster, because it’s not true.”


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