Buhari delivers blunt message on sexual assaults in Nigerian universities

WIFE OF THE PRESIDENT HOSTS VICTORY DINNER A President Muhammadu Buhari and Wife in a chat during 2019 Women and Youth Presidential Campaign Team Victory Dinner hosted by the Wife of the President held Saturday night at Presidential Conference Hall, State House in Abuja. PHOTO; SUNDAY AGHAEZE MARCH 2ND 2019


The estimated number of students victimized by sexual assault and related crimes has surged by about 35 percent over the past year, the ISN survey revealed this week, as the federal government and lawmakers expressed anger with the universities handling of the problem.


The sobering statistics, along with several recent sexual-abuse in the higher institutions of learning, prompted President Muhammadu Buhari to bluntly warn that the government is pushing for tougher action against sex offenders.


Buhari said that stricter laws are needed to prevent girls from being abused in our schools.


“The country must do more to address incidents of sexual violence, sexual abuses in our schools, discrimination, human trafficking and cultural practices that violate women’s rights,” said the President.


He urged law enforcement agencies and school administrators to take up such cases with every seriousness and ensure that perpetrators face the consequences of their actions.


“Survivors and their families must avoid cover up. They should be encouraged to come forth and report cases of abuses wherever and whenever they occur,” the President demanded.


The wife of the President, Aisha Buhari, last week said she was upset to learn about the recent cases of sexual assault and urge authorities to prevent sex crimes against women.


Members of the National Assembly likewise signaled a loss of patience, vow to introduce a flurry of bills in recent days that would revise the law to bolster the prosecution of sexual-assault cases and give more legal support to victims.



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Written by Victotria Ayuwei


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