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Speedy Confirmation of Abubakar Malami a Priority, Says Guardians of Democracy

Guardians of Democracy and Development Thursday asked the Nigerian Senate to prioritize the confirmation of former Attorney General of the federation, Mr. Abubakar Malami.

” It is on record that the war against corruption with Abubakar Malami at the helms of the Ministry of Justice as Minister and AGF did not recognize any sacred cows pinnacling in the investigation and prosecution of some Judges who had their hands mired in the filth of corruption and financial sleaze.

” We are compelled to issue this statement following calls on the Nigerian Senate to reject the ministerial nomination of former Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami. Indeed, we must put the records straight to ensure the applecart of good governance is not upset.”

” It is a known fact that since the inception of the administration of President Muhammad Buhari, some individuals and groups that believe Nigeria is their private estate have vowed to frustrate every move of this government. That the administration insist on due process and putting a stop to corruption is something these persons are not willing to give up on. Consequently, they employ all manner of tactics to derail the administration. Their fiendish strategies range from sponsoring malicious media campaigns to malign the administration and its appointees to twisting facts to sway public opinion to their favour. We must not forget that Abubakar Malami SAN was in the forefront of the administration’s fight against corruption and this sure bloodied many a toe.”

“It should not be lost on all that this dealt a serious blow to corruption on the one hand and was misinterpreted on the other hand. On the whole the message was clear that the nail had been drilled on the coffin on corruption. This in itself signalled the zenith of patriotism demonstrated by Abubakar Malami in a trailblazing fashion.

“For the records, the recovered Abacha loot in contention and for which naysayers seek to crucify Malami for remained in the custody of the Swiss government till the recent patriotic efforts initiated by the erstwhile AGF which translated to the recovery of these funds. It is noteworthy to emphasize that looted funds where also recovered on several other fronts as a result of the onerous efforts of Abubakar Malami. It is evident that these recoveries in no mean measure contributed to the speedy recovery of the Nigerian economy from the recession it was hitherto plunged into. There is more work to be done and the cap aptly fits Abubakar Malami to courageously mount the rostrum again and frontally battle corruption and illegalities to a standstill.”

“The Senate should be reminded from the clear feedback that the tactics of those against the grain of our nation’s forward voyage or who have not clearly understood the mechanisms of the anti corruption war has  failed as Nigerians are convinced about the sincerity of President Buhari and his administration having voted him again for a second term.

“It is on this note that we chose to appeal to some civil society organisations that have been fed with half truths against Abubakar Malami to rescind from making such calls. This is because Malami has  proved his worth as the Chief law officer of the Federation. The Abacha loot recovery which they are twisting facts to suggest that he did some shaddy deals would not have been recovered but for the firm stand of this unfazed Patriot.

“To rely on a mere claim by a lawyer that hiring other legal luminaries to prosecute the case was needless because he had almost completed the matter is pedestrian. And to say the lawyers were secretly paid is to say the least laughable. How do you pay for a service done to the state secretly? Was it that the amount was paid not following due process or what exactly does the claim that monies were paid secretly?

“By now, every well meaning Nigerian knows that those who superintended over the nation’s affairs before the emergence of President Buhari were virtually turning it into their private estates. Nigeria probably would have seized to exist by now if they had continued. Pained that President Buhari is blocking the leakages have resolved to hunt the President and his performing lieutenants.

“Finally, it must be emphasized that the President has the  prerogative to appoint those he feels will help him deliver the goods. It is rather surprising that those who didn’t support President Buhari’s second term would now want to determine who he should appoint to work with him. We call on the Senate to do the needful and weight the positive merits in the nomination of Abubakar Malami SAN. The fight against corruption and financial sleaze must be convincingly and totally won with the full cooperation of the Senate. Our confidence in the Senate is bolstered by the evident fact that the men women of proven integrity will resist every attempt to be armtwisted or blackmailed against the arduous labours of our heroes present.

The group Commended the Patriotic Service of the Former Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice for his exceptional service during the first term of the Buhari administration.

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