Buhari appears to check that wife Aisha voted for him in Nigeria election


In video trending President Muhammadu Buhari appear to check that his wife Aisha actually voted for him for president.

The couple headed out to vote on the morning of election day in Daura, Katsina state.  They filled out the ballot next to one another – in separate booths but a very short distance apart.

And Mr Buhari – while taking the time out to drop out his own ballot – appeared to have leaned over and had a look at the one being done by his wife, Aisha Buhari.

It isn’t clear whether President Buhari was consciously looking at Mrs Buhari’s paper, or of course whether he actually saw it. But many on social media suggested that “Says it all,” wrote one, next to a pic of President Buhari leaning over. “Trust,” wrote another.

Aisha Buhari has been at loggerheads with senior officials of the President Muhammadu buhari.


Written by Per Second News


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