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China says foreign interference in Nigeria’s elections must end.

Geng Shuang

The Chinese government has declared that Nigeria is capable of managing its affairs without any interference.

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Geng Shuang, while expressing his country’s readiness to continue to support Nigeria, while fielding questions on Nigeria’s coming general elections at a regular press conference, expressed hope that the final outcome will be satisfactory to all concern.

Shuang said that foreign interference in the upcoming elections in Nigeria must end.

Asked the Chinese government’s position on the elections in Nigeria against the backdrop of the postponement of the poll last week and the reactions such generated from the international community, Shuang said

“We have noted the relevant situation. The Chinese side hopes and believes that Nigeria’s presidential and parliamentary elections will be held successfully and smoothly.

“I would like to point out that Nigeria is an important country in Africa. Peace, stability and development of Nigeria serve the interests of the Nigerian people, the region and Africa at large.

“China always stands for the principle of non-interference in other country’s internal affairs. We believe the Nigerian government and people are capable of managing the relevant election affairs.”



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