Ameachi is mentally unwell, he did’t win the state assembly elections in 1999, says Wike in blistering attack

by Stephen Onyeukwu
2 minutes read

Governor of Rivers state, Nyesom Wike has said that the minister of transportation Rotimi Ameachi  is severely suffering from an undisclosed psychiatric disorder.

The governor in an unusual remark at the state’s PDP rally rips into the minister.


” We know him…he cannot deny the fact that he has mental problems. It is shocking that the party will appoint someone that has psychiatric illness as a member of the federal cabinet.

” I did not take APC to court, I’ve never had legal battles with APC but Ameachi is blaming me for their predicament.”

‘ Why would he call my name…let me tell you all something, in 1999 Rotimi Ameachi did not win the state assembly elections…we know how it happened. It was court that made him..  Uche Okuku, won the elections.”

” He said he made me Chief of Staff…thank God..but that boy (Ameachi)  ran away to Ghana, we stood here, fought for him, made him governor and he turned around to say he made us. He ran to Ghana.”

” The same Supreme Court that gave him judgment in 2005 is the same institution he is against now.

” You can all see that he has psychiatric disease”.


Rotimi Ameachi

” I appeal to him that Enough is Enough.  This is a boy who as a young speaker was sent to London to study law, he was there for 8 years without any certificate and he opens his mouth to insult people that has achieved academic success. He is a lunatic.

I am shocked that yesterday in the presence of Mr. President, his DG Rotimi Ameachi, was promoting violence and singing war songs.

” Mr. President was seated while his DG was singing war songs”.

” I am not afraid of his violence, provided Ameachi brings his first son, Chika, to lead the war, then I will know he’s ready.

” I challenge Ameachi to bring his son to lead this war then we know he’s serious about the war.”

” Being a governor of Rivers state is not for errand boys, its for serious people.”

” Apart from security he is banking on, who is Ameachi to open his mouth and talk to me?

I plead on Mr. President to please bring our son, Rotimi Ameachi back so that mental illness doctors can re-examine him and cure him once and for all.”




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