Crisis Grips Osun APC as 10 Exco Members Defect to ADP

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The ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) party in the State of Osun faces a grave impasse in its role in Nigerian politics. Torn between ideology and personal interest, the party is splitting as no fewer than 10 party leaders threw away their brooms to join the Action Democratic Party (ADP).

“The once coercive robust and highly structured Osun state chapter of the APC is deeply embroil with series of crisis resulting from high handedness from the executive arm or government that claimed lack of confidence in the state Exco members of the party, the band of leaders alleged.


” For this reason, the Governor refused to interact or meet with the Exco since 2014 till date.”

“On assumption of office, we all took the oath to do justice to all and not allow personal interests to interfere with our official responsibilities. Recent political developments in the state more especially within the All Progressive Congress (APC) has proved otherwise. This to us, negates our individual principles/ interest and a moral burden which leave us with no other option than to quit.

“While thanking you for the support and opportunity given to serve, we shall forever remain committed to the democratic values and progress of the state in whatever capacity we find ourselves.

“It was observed that the APC administration under the watch of Prince Adegboyega Famodun is gradually losing its credibility and becoming unpopular due to his insensitivity, insincerity, double standard, hypocrisy and a stooge to few individuals who allows personal interest to override the wishes of the majority of our party members.

“With deliberate communication gap between the party and the executive arm of government, it makes it easy and possible for the governor to introduce series of anti-masses policies such as limiting the ages of all political appointees to below 50, refusal to constitute cabinet members immediately after his first and second term of office, creating a vacuum at almost level of government parastatals till date. To the governor, the Igbimo Agba’ constituted by him is just an advisory body that never have a say in any decision taken so far in the state.

“The just concluded direct primary conducted in Osun was adopted to make the election clumsy and allow manipulation. The exercise was intentionally arranged, skewed and designed to favour a preferred candidate of a particular national leader. This was obvious due to the heavy presence of state paraphernalia before, during and after the process leading to the said fraudulent direct primary election.

“Ladies and gentlemen, these state executive members that are quitting APC today believe that no man has monopoly of knowledge why intelligence resides with the people. We detached ourselves completely from those that want to old Osun state into ransom. This state was created as a state not as an annex to another state or a property of an emperor. We decided to stand with honour, character and integrity so that posterity will judge us right.

“The only party with a banner without stain is action democratic party (ADP), thus our desire to join the party after wild rigorous consultation with our leaders, political associates, mentors and our family members.

Yours faithfully,

Alh Azeez Issa Adesiji – Deputy State Chairman (Ilesa West)
Alh Tajudeen Agbeti – Ex Officio (Ilesa West)
Prince Ademola Bamidele – State Auditor (Ifelodun)
Alh Rasheed Bakare – Asst Gen Sec (Odo Otin)
Mr Morakinyo Akintola – State PRO (Ife North)
Mr Wole Adunola – Ex Officio (Ife North)
Dr Bakare M. Idayat – Asst Welfare Secretary (Atakumosa West)
Mrs Ogundare Aina Afolabi – Asst PRO (Ayedade)
Alh Sikiru Karim Asst Treasurer (Olaoluwa )

Igbimo Agba Osun
The Ward Chairmen”


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