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Soyinka: Rampant mis-governance, chaos, unforced errors order of the day under Buhari administration

Nobel  laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka on Thursday accused the Buhari administration of rampant misgovernance and administrative chaos.

“There are acts of mis-governance under this administration, Soyinka said at the official launch of his Interventions VIII series, entitled: “Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? (Who keeps watch over the watchmen?), Gani’s Unfinished Business,” at Freedom Park, Lagos.

” There are unforced errors and acts that are considered being stupid; failure to secure lives; languages of self-excusing, which were condemned in the past but resurfacing all over the place,” he said.

’There is cheapening of lives. The value of lives in the last year or so on is on a level we haven’t witnessed in the country for long time,” Soyinka said.

He also called for the election of new generation of leaders to overhaul the system.

Soyinka also talked about the defection of the Benue State governor, Samuel Ortom, from the All Progressives Congress, APC, Soyinka said the governor had the right to choose which party he wanted to belong and that no one should crucify him for that.

He said he wrote a letter to Ortom where he made his position on his defection clear, even as he read out the letter, saying:   “My position is clear on the challenges facing your state. As the leader of a state that experienced attacks, you have a right to seek the promise of an alternative means of security for your people because they remain your primary responsibility.

He criticized the EFCC for investigating Ortom, he said the governor left the party due to the many problems facing the country.

” Due to the crisis in the country someone defected and then the EFCC started chasing him. Does that look like a coincidence or what?” he asked.

“We are all free over the actual choice of an alternative destination but no one can deny the inalienable entitlement to such action, especially when they are provoked by disillusionment and sense of impotence under existing association.”


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