Rochas Okorocha is politically bankrupt, says APC leaders

by Per Second News
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The All Progressives Congress (APC), stakeholders on Friday laid into Gov. Rochas Okorocha labelling him “politically bankrupt” and saying he “thrived on corruption”.

The Imo leaders said they have made the governor politically irrelevant in their determination to rescue the party from imminent collapse in the state, after a meeting with APC leaders.


“He cannot run to any political figure in the state because none is with him, he cannot approach any clergyman in the state. “In his desperation, he ran to Sokoto, Daura and even to the Vice President, but help has refused to come,” said Dr. Theo Ekechi, one of the stakeholders.

“There have been wide jubilation in Imo because we have rescued the party from Gov. Okorocha, we have made it impossible for him to get help from anywhere.

In a petition submitted to the party’s national leadership, the stakeholders chronicled what they described as the governor’s sins and appealed for state of emergency in the state.

Ekechi alleged that the state was being mismanaged under Okorocha, adding that the governor was running the state like a personal estate.


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