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Oni confirms Per Second News report : Money played role in Ekiti APC primary election

Former governor of Ekiti state, and governorship aspirant of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state, Chief Segun Oni, on Tuesday essentially confirmed Per Second News report on the eve of the primaries that money played a large role in the outcome of the election.

“I would be deceiving you if I say money did not play a role, he said during an interview with Tribune newspapers.

” Money played a role and more money played a role and much more money played a role, he said.

‘ Our party and every political party that is serious, should not touch again delegates primaries, even with a long pole.

“We know that the primary is an imperfect election. But then, the way delegates primaries is and the extent to which we push it here, it has gone beyond mere imperfection.”

He said “I’m sure if you ask all the aspirants, including the aspirant that won, if you ask them questions, I’m sure it is not a game they enjoyed.

“So, we should better ensure that a new agenda would be pursued to make every member of the party able to vote in the primaries of the party so that it would be more representative of the thinking of party members, which is what it is supposed to be; than when you have a handful of people who turned opportunists overnight, and could not see any objective other than the objective of maximizing their returns.”

Per Second News reported last Friday that delegates demanded between  N400,000 and N700, 000 each from aspirants for their vote.

Dozens of angry delegates told this newspaper that they were suffering and need money so they want it urgently and would only vote for the highest bidder.


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