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Reverend Father denies Benue Gov Ortom from speaking in Church, says ‘ You can’t tell lies here’.

Reverend Father Aswe of the Catholic Church denied request by the Governor of Benue state, Samuel Ortom to speak during a thanksgiving Service in honour of former Governor George Akume in Benue state during the week.

Citing ‘governor Ortom’s penchant for lying, the Reverend Father said the Pulpit is not a place for liars’.

According to eye witness account, as the microphone was handed over to the governor   to explain why he has been owing salaries of workers in the state despite receiving billions in Paris Club refunds, the parish priest of the Catholic Church, Reverend Father Aswe, vehemently denied the governor, insisting that the governor can only speak at the reception venue and that the church premises is a holy place where lies are not allowed and that he cannot, as parish priest, allow the governor to mount the church podium and tell lies in the House of God.

Despite several pleas, the Reverend Father refused , and said that the governor can go to the reception hall and tell all the lies about salaries.

” This is the most humiliating moments of the governor’s inglorious reign, said a guest who confirmed the incident.

The governor’s press secretary has issued a statement disclaiming any feeling of bitterness by the Governor.


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