Mainagate: APC Government Height Of Absurdity – PDP

by Per Second News
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By Amos Dunia, Persecond News

Abuja – The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has described the position expressed by the Presidency blaming the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan as being responsible for the return of fugitive Abdulrasheed Maina as the height of absurdity.
It also said that the body language of this APC government in the fight against corruption is mere propaganda and road-show.

The opposition party noted that the idea of blaming every misdemeanor on the previous administration is symptomatic of failure to deliver on promises.

The PDP also said the shenanigans surrounding the return of Maina, who was under investigation and sacked by the previous administration is an issue Nigerians are privy to, adding that even Maina’s immediate family have come out openly and said that President Buhari was responsible for his return.

A statement by the National Publicity Secretary of the Party, Prince Dayo Adeyeye said the PDP is wondering how it will be responsible for the mess created by President Buhari and his cabals

Adeyeye further said; “May we therefore remind Garba Shehu in case he has forgotten that the current administration is that of the APC and not PDP. So, we wonder how PDP will be responsible for the mess created by President Buhari and his cabals

“We had earlier in our response on this matter advised the government to properly investigate those responsible for this mess and bring them to justice and we still stand on that, because Nigerians are tired of excuses and blame game.

“Finally, we urge the APC led government to re-evaluate the inclusion of the likes of Garba Shehu in the administration. A man who is fixated on blaming each and every mistake of this government on the PDP has certainly run out of ideas, and must even have lost the capacity for rational thinking.

“We wonder the damage he may be causing to this country with his continuous stay as an Assistant to the President.”

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