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Ekiti 2018: I am the best candidate- Hon Bimbo Daramola

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]on Bimbo Daramola spells out why voters can trust him, and why he is the best candidate to be the next governor of Ekiti State.

“While I acknowledge and give regard to all aspirants seeking the post of Governor in Ekiti in 2018; I say most respectfully that as at today; among those contesting for the seat of Governor in Ekiti State, I say with all humility that among the list of the over 40 personalities, not more than three persons will match me, sweat for sweat; sacrifice for sacrifice; service for service; contributions for contributions in our party.”


“My humble profile will eliminate all shades of doubt ; I am not gamble choice but a horse you can put your bet on, he said.

“I have pounded the streets, stood at barricades, broken sweat and sustained bruises, shed tears freely, endured pains from many experiences in our journey as a party.”

“This long term relationship of dependable service and tested sacrifice of commitment to ideals of the party are the raw materials and what I bring into my gubernatorial aspiration most humbly.”

“When we walked the adversity road and mountainous highway of sacrifice, it was a test of commitment; character and dedication to noble course and cause. Men of lesser values took the easiest path. We endured.”



“I never knew a day will come that I will be aspiring to be governor. The reality of our situation then would make such a thought qualify for a bed at rehab then! Even incurable optimists had their doubts. Still i served and gave my all. This is not empty sentiments! Ask those who went through it. He who feels it know it.’

“Prosperity was locked in the horizon then; those moments when our midnight hours seemed as if they won’t end.I stood alongside other comrades in arms bonded by same fate.”

“Now as a new day is about to break,  we cannot forget those we were with and what we went through in our darkest midnight hours.”

“I appeal to our esteemed party leaders elders, delegates and party faithful to please open the book of records for every aspirant and check what the pages of history captures and have to say about everyone of us.”

Daramola said no eligible voter should ever sit out a governorship election, but that is especially so next year. The landscape of the Ekiti political system may be forever changed by choosing a wrong nominee.

He said he has the interests of the Ekiti people at heart and that if elected governor, he will ensure that he removes them from the shackles of poverty.



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