Ekiti 2018: A Healthy Heart And A Weak Foundation- By Hon Bimbo Daramola

by Per Second News
1 minutes read

My aspiration is not driven by unbridled quest for material possessions, wealth, fame, rather a heart that sincerely beats for a better state and life for our people.

One thing is clear, though the heart in the human body is hidden but the pulse from there cannot be denied for as long that human being is still alive.

The heart is like the foundation upon which great structures are built but unseen yet holds the edifice.

In like manner a lot may be jostling for the highest seat of service i.e Governor but what we need to do without sentiments is to validate what is fueling that aspiration just as a healthy heart remain the testimony that a human being is alive and a sturdy foundation is sine qua non to a house that will endure and withstand tremors and shocks that will definitely come.

Unfortunately the heart and the foundation are not visible but there are always tell tale signs of a failing heart and a weak foundation.

An unhealthy heart cannot withstand rigours of day to day existence likewise a weak foundation cannot withstand a great edifice.

So to know a healthy foundation and a healthy heart subject both echonography test and foundation pressure test.

Ekiti that we desire now and the future cannot afford to be either.

Congressman Bimbo Daramola.

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