Third Party Contracting is based on International standards -Taleveras

The attention of Taleveras legal team have been drawn to online publications related with a case against Atlantic Drilling Fluids, this legal case is not against Taleveras or Igho Sanomi.

Some of these publications are misleading, grossly inaccurate, it is thus proper to set the record straight.

One of Taleveras core activities since 2000, is sourcing, trading and engaging in third party contracts, inclusive of oil and gas upstream operations. Taleveras due to its capacity, trading expertise and financial strength, continues to source and engage in procuring third party oil contracts. Taleveras performs on these contracts handling the physical delivery, risk management and logistics from start point to its numerous first class end users and major refiners. This process involves verification of the contracts with the issuing authority to authenticate and further compliance with our lending banks internal due diligence processes. This is no different from International trading standards performed by the numerous international and major oil and gas companies operating in Nigeria.

As it relates to the US department case against Atlantic drilling fluids, please note that Taleveras and the other two major oil trading houses (glencore and arcadia) were not faulted for embarking on a legitimate transaction, as all payments were made based on legitimate third party contracts with private companies and not NNPC.

The ultimate aim of contracting is to off-take crude oil from asset productions. It is worthy to note that neither Taleveras nor its associated companies lifted any oil from this production. Terms of the agreement were breached and hence a legal dispute and appropriate filings made in respected court of jurisdiction.

We will thus refrain from making further comments.


Written by Per Second News


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