Heritage Bank Vehemently Denies Employees Involvement In Alleged N150m Fraud

Heritage bank said it vehemently denies the allegations, that three of its staff were involved in an N150million fraud in collusion with two of MTN’s staff. The report was published by Per Second News Monday.

“Heritage Bank Plc wants to categorically state that the following persons said to have been the perpetrators of the fraud; Oyelade Shola-Isaac, 32, Osuolale Hammid, 40, and Akeem Adesina, 33 were never staff of Heritage Bank Plc at any time.”

“We consider it our duty to continue to provide our stakeholders with accurate information where it concerns us, as your confidence and support is of utmost importance to us.”

The Police Special Fraud Unit (PSFU) Monday announced the arrest  of 11 people secretly running an information sharing business robbing unsuspecting bank customers of millions of Naira.


Written by Per Second News


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