I work for government, you can’t arrest me, Portable tells policemen who stormed his bar in Sango, Ogun

by David Adebayo
1 minutes read

A wild drama ensued on Tuesday following an attempt by the Police to arrest street and controversial artiste, Habeeb Okikiola, otherwise known as Portable at his bar.

Some policemen had stormed Portable’s bar at Sango-Ota in Ogun State to effect his arrest following an alleged petition written against the singer who was said to be involved in an internet scam, otherwise known as Yahoo Yahoo.

In a viral video trending online and obtained by Per Seconds News, Portable did an Instagram live to show what happened in his bar.

In the video, Portable was heard saying, “Why are you here? Why am I seeing you, are we under arrest? Why you dey tell superstar say you dey under arrest in my office?”

A voice in the video can be heard saying, “There is a complain, petition against you.”

But Portable would not go down without a fight as he resisted arrest and insisted that he would not go with the policemen if they failed to tell him their mission at his bar.

In the video, Portable stated that he is working for the government and also worked for the President-elect, Bola Tinubu, adding that he would not be dragged to the police station for offence he did not commit.

He asked: “Why are you in my bar (sic)? I am not a yahoo boy. I worked hard and built my bar with legitimate money. You don’t expect me a (star) to follow you to your station. I am a celebrity and I will not follow you.”

The policemen, who looked distraught, persuaded the singer to bring down the live video and listen to them but all efforts proved abortive as the Zazu singer rebuffed them and insisted he would not go with them.

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